Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Did Not Attend

This comment was posted in response to an entry on another blog, specifically the question : "Did you attend?" The question referred to the meeting held on November 7, 2010 at the Mill Valley Community Center, about the (then proposed) Evergreen sidewalk.
I did not attend. I've attended enough meetings like that to know them for what they are, political performance art cynically presented in the guise of democratic process for the purpose of patronizing the public and silencing dissent. Marin Horizon School, Inc. wanted a three-story monstrosity and Steve Kinsey made sure they got it before Homestead Valley residents ever knew it had already been a done deal. Marin Horizon School, Inc. wanted to increase its student body to 300. "Meetings" were held, neighbors' objections were presented and Steve Kinsey blithely ignored them; Horizon Corp. got its way.
Next, Horizon Corp. wanted to lay down a half-mile-long sidewalk that wasn't even on its property and Steve Kinsey made sure they got it before Evergreen residents ever knew that like it or not, the sidewalk was coming. Marin Horizon School, Inc. will now expand to the Miller Avenue location and, like Steve Kinsey, Mill Valley's rubber-stamping Planning Commission patronized dissenting local residents by inviting them to attend a "meeting" where their objections could be heard — and then flat-out ignored.
These "meetings" are a waste of time. Wealthy, politically connected, and not the least bit ashamed to play the "kiddie card," the Marin Horizon juggernaut gets what it wants, even if it is at the expense of others. Related Info :